Continental Biogeosystems

Continental Biogeosystems group

Head of the group : Christophe Tournassat


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The main objective of our group is to understand and hierarchize the importance of physical, chemical and biological processes driving the evolution and the behavior of continental ecosystems, with the aim of understanding past, current and future human/climate/environment interactions. We are particularly interested in characterizing "hot moments" and "hot spots" responsible for drastic changes in systems dynamics.

More specifically, we strive:

- to quantify fluxes and energy/matter budgets (in relation with the biogeochemical cycles of elements) in hydrosystems (karsts), wetlands (peatlands) and watersheds;

- to quantify and to prioritize long and short-term climate and anthropogenic influences on terrestrial ecosystem;

- to establish long and medium-term environmental diagnosis of the evolution of contaminated sites (soils, sediments, waters), in order to understand the reactivity and mechanisms of interactions between contaminants and lamellar materials, and then to rehabilitate these systems using phytomanagement techniques

Activities of the group: 2 main themes and 3 important objectives

Theme 1: tracers and contaminants

The study of tracers and contaminants has been developed continuously since the creation of the lab with a clear focus on the dynamics of organic matter in surficial environments.

Theme 2: Rhizosphere-soil interactions

We study the influence of rhizosphere:

- on carbon cycling with a clear focus on vascular plants and greenhouse gas net production in wetlands and watersheds;

- and on phytostabilization of metals and metalloids in contaminated soils.

Objective 1: Flux quantification and modeling

We quantify and model fluxes of matter (water, gas, aqueous species, particulate matter) in watersheds. We are especially interested in the local dynamics of wetlands, karstic systems and peri-urban areas. We are PI of four sites of the “Service National d’Observation Tourbières” (SNO, Peatlands, SNO Tourbières), one site of the “Service National d’Observation Karst” (SO Karst) and one site of the “Zone Atelier Loire” (ZAL, OBSCUR).

Objective 2: Characterization and remediation of contaminated environments

We investigate the use of specific plants and hybrid organo-clay materials to mitigate contaminants migration in soils, sediments and aquatic systems.

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Objective 3: Quantification of climate and anthropogenic influences on terrestrial ecosystems

We quantify and hierarchize the relative influence of climate and anthropogenic activities on the evolution of continental ecosystems. The study of Holocene and most recent sediments makes it possible to decipher the various responses of continental biogeosystems in the presence of perturbations such as greenhouse gas emission, organic and inorganic contaminants deposition and migration and erosion processes.


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Statuts & Missions de chacun

Noms, Prénoms statuts
Achour Yosra Doctorant
Ait Mansour El Houssain -
Aldana Carlos Doctorant 50 % GP Milieux poreux
André Laurent Chercheur BRGM 50 % GP Milieux poreux Animateur Finalité F1
Bartolo Joséphine Stagiaire M2 recherche - projet START
Battaglia Fabienne Chercheure BRGM Animatrice Finalité F2
Binet Stéphane MCF Université d’Orléans
Boscardin Rachel Technicienne Université d'Orléans
Boussafir Mohammed MCF Université d’Orléans Animateur Finalité F3 et AS2
Bruand Ary Pr. Université d’Orléans - Président Université d’Orléans 50% GP Milieux poreux
Caurel Chloé Doctorante 50% GP Milieux poreux
Cavelan Amélie Doctorante
Coulibaly Aboubacar Doctorant
De Oliveira Tiago Doctorant
Défarge Christian MCF Université d’Orléans
Gautret Pascale Chargée de Recherche CNRS - Section 30 Animatrice AS2
Gogo Sébastien CNAP SCOA Animateur AS2
Guégan Régis MCF Université d’Orléans
Hassen Al Majou Hassan Post-doctorant
Hatton Marielle Technicienne CNRS
Hellal Jennifer Chercheure BRGM
Jacotot Adrien Ingénieur Recherche en biogéochimie (flux de GES)
Jodry Clara Ingénieur de Recherche en géophysique
Isch Arnaud Ingénieur de Recherche
Laggoun Fatima Directrice de Recherche CNRS - Section 30
Le Forestier Lydie MCF Université d’Orléans Animatrice Finalité F2
Le Milbeau Claude Ingénieur de Recherche Université d’Orléans Animateur AS1
Ledieu Lauriane Doctorante
Le Meur Mathieu Post-doctorant
Leroy Fabien Ingénieur de recherche
Li Qian Doctorante
Lottier Nathalie Technicienne CNRS
Machado Elodie Ingénieur Eudes en hydrogéologie
Mertz Samuel Doctorant
Moquet Jean-Sébastien Chercheur CNRS
Motelica-Heino Stefan Mikaël Pr. Université d’Orléans Animateur AS2
Muller Fabrice MCF Université d’Orléans Animateur AS1
Nandillon Romain Doctorant
Paroissien Jean-Baptiste Ingénieur d'études
Simonneau Anaëlle MCF Université d’Orléans correspondante web Animatrice Finalité F3
Tournassat Christophe Chercheur BRGM Coordinateur du GP, 50% GP Poreux
Zhang Fengfeng Doctorante
Zocatelli Renata Post-doctorante

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