The “Numerical modeling” platform assists researchers in the mathematical modeling of their problems, implements numerical solutions and makes them available to the geosciences community. and makes them available to the geosciences community. Its main activities are :

  • modelling of the physico-chemistry of porous media
  • image analysis
  • thermodynamic modeling of processes
  • the creation of powerful web applications in connection with the publications.

In addition, in order to develop ever more rigorous models, our researchers are increasingly concerned with integrating the concept of uncertainty. In order to help them, we develop tools for them, most often in the form of web applications (multilinear regressions taking into account uncertainties on all parameters, automated calculation of uncertainties on an expression).

All our web productions are free and available to the geosciences community and beyond. Here is the link to the portal of the scientific computing platform:

Public source codes are also available on the OSUC forge:


Platform manager:

Le Trong Emmanuel


Rogerie Grégory

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