ISTO’s “Physical Measurements” platform offers a unique range of high-tech, cutting-edge equipment for the analysis and multi-scale characterisation of solid objects (i.e. materials, minerals, glass, rocks).

The mission is to respond to scientific problems from the required perspective, with different techniques of sample preparation (thin sections, mineral separation, grinding), measurement or analysis (X-ray diffraction, cathodoluminescence, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) mass spectrometry), data processing for the characterisation of geological materials in particular.



1 Plasma cleaner


Litholamellage – polishing workshop:

Most of the workshop’s activity is devoted to the production of thin covered slides for observation under the transmission optical microscope. transmission optical microscope. Another part of the activity concerns the realization of polished slides, intended for the observation optical microscope, the scanning electron microscope and for microprobe analysis.

The workshop also produces :

  • preparation of samples for texture goniometry; thick, polished slides, front and back, for observing fluid inclusions under the fluid inclusions under the optical microscope;
  • and finally, polished sections also for observation under the optical reflection microscope.

Lithopreparation workshop