Joining the Group?

A variety of possibilities

There is a variety of possibilities for you to join the Magma group. This can be an internship as master student, part of PhD program or simply as visiting scientist. The experimental facilities and the accompanying scientific staff permit an efficient training and the acquisition  of experimental data of high quality.

Below you will find a list of identified status allowing you to join us. Do not hesitate to contact the group leader for additional information:

Our group is present in the MASTER courses (G-cube) at Orléans. Gaëlle Prouteau ( is head of the courses. We offer theoretical and practical courses on magmatism.

We also offer internships at the 1rst year M1 (~2  months ± 2) and the 2nd year M2 (6 months) levels. Various topics are possible. Most of the costs are covered by the Voltaire research program (LABEX) and by individual grants.

Every year, we propose a certain number of PhD fellowships. The group currently hosts four PhD students.

We also frequently host visiting PhD students. These students usually come to benefit from the experimental and scientific training. The training can range from week to years. In most cases, the collaboration has to be properly established and there are many international proposals and facilities that can help in consolidating these collaborations.

The Voltaire research program as well as some individual grant allow postdoctoral fellowships to be offered. Please contact the group Head, Fabrice Gaillard (

European (eg. Marie Curie program) as well as a National funding agencies propose calls for proposals allowing postdoc fellows to fund their own research. We can help you in setting up such a project. Please contact the group Head, Fabrice Gaillard (

Visiting scientists is a permitted status for postdoctoral research fellows. Periods of weeks-to-years for training and collaborative work on experimental petrology have been successfully conducted in our group.

Please contact the group Head, Fabrice Gaillard (