Committees of the institute

The laboratory council has an advisory role on all aspects of the laboratory life and workflow. It is chaired by the director of the institute and meets every first Thursday of each month. The slides used during the council, together with notes of the remarks and discussions held during the meeting, are rapidly distributed to all staff.

Composition on December 1st, 2017:

College ‘researchers and faculty’: Laurent Arbaret, Mohamed Azaroual (deputy director), Yan Chen, Pascale Gautret, Jeremy Jacob, Caroline Martel (deputy director), Lionel Mercury (director), Mikael Motelica, Olivier Rozenbaum

College ‘engineers, technicians, administrative’: Virginie Lancelot, Nathalie Lottier, Marie-Noelle Pailhès (Resp Adm.), Philippe Penhoud

College ‘Ph.D. researchers’: Eloïse Bessière, Benoit Bevillard

Permanent guests (assistants for safety and prevention): Marielle Hatton, Esteban Le Moing

The tutorship council is composed of the deputy managing director of the BRGM or his/her representative, the director of INSU-CNRS or his/her representative, the president of the University of Orléans or his/her representative. The tutorship council meets at least twice in the five-year period at the initiative of the Director of ISTO. It issues opinions on the scientific results of the research carried out, the dynamics and orientation of the projects, ISTO’s budget and investment policy, the valorization of results and strategic partnerships, and the synergy between research and education.