Metallogeny Research Team

Metallogeny Research Team

Research in metallogeny within our team

Metallogeny is at the interface between geology and economics of raw materials. The very notion of ore deposit depends on both geological and economical concepts. From an academic point of view, research in metallogeny aims at describing mineralised objects as well as understanding the key processes leading to metal concentration.

Our approach to metallogeny relies on conceptual models based on observations, experimentation, and numerical modelling. Our team is continuously developing original approaches in the framework of three main research axes:

Orthomagmatic preconcentration and deposits 

Hydrothermal mineralisations

Regional metallogeny and favorability 

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29e journée du projet CASCIMODOT

29e journée du projet CASCIMODOT

Cette conférence est ouverte à toutes les personnes intéressées.
L ‘inscription est gratuite mais obligatoire, avant le 3 décembre 2018

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Balance laws in fluid mechanics, geophysics, biology (theory, computation, and application)

Balance laws in fluid mechanics, geophysics, biology (theory, computation, and application)

Cette conférence est ouverte à toutes les personnes intéressées.
L ‘ inscription est gratuite mais obligatoire, avant le 1 octobre 2018

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Head of the Metallogeny research team:

Permanent people:

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

PhD Students:

  • Alex Vella
  • Julien Fort

Our resarch topics:

Genesis of orthomagmatic ores: from partial melting to ore formation

The partitioning of metals between liquid and crystalline phases controls the enrichment processes that are producing (i) fertile magmas, by crustal and mantle melting, and (ii) orthomagmatic ores, by magma crystallization at crustal depth. The Metallogeny research team uses the experimental approach to study how the partition coefficients of metals vary with respect to magmatic conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure, redox conditions), and magma composition (including dissolved volatiles and fluid phase).

Hydrothermal mineralization: analysis of metasomatic flows

The characterization of the physicochemical processes involved in the formation of mineralized hydrothermal systems aims to improve our knowledge of metallogenic systems. The genetic keys can then be identified and simplified with respect to the complexity of the natural environment and synthesized in a genetic model. The team proposes to describe the hydrothermal processes forming mineralized objects by developing approaches that take account of the hydrodynamics, the deformation, the reactivity, and the feedbacks related to an increase or a decrease of the flows. The results are exploited in numerical models of reactive transport evaluating flux quantities and mass balances to test the different feedbacks between alteration, deformation, and chemical fluxes. A concrete application of these developments could be the construction of deterministic models in support of mineral exploration.

Regional scale metallogeny and favorability

Sources of funding

The Metallogeny team is committed to maintaining the diversity of funding resources for sustaining and developing innovative research.

In particular, several projects receive funding from:

Our projects


Logo projet Aureole

Period: 2019 - 2022



Antimony (Sb), a critical metal for Europe, strategic for the European (EU) aircraft industry & battery manufacturing plants, is widely used in industrial operations. Its most promising use may be for rechargeable Li- & Na-ion batteries. The project is based on disruptive concepts: i) new 3D large-scale metallogenic model integrating deep-seated processes to determine the spatial distribution of ore deposits; ii) the use of mineral prospectivity data weighted by surface data to determine the probability of environmental risk over large areas.


Period: 2015 - 2019



Varpeg is an integrated research program on Variscan
granitic pegmatites gathering efforts from research team at national
scale. It contributes to a comprehensive evaluation of the anatectic
origin of pegmatites. It includes fundamental conceptual
aspects and others more practical allowing exploration operations
to be optimized and pegmatite bodies to be targeted. New types of mineralizations, such as
pegmatites, are being considered as new exploration targets for a wide range of elements (Be, Cs, Li, Nb, Sb, Sn, Ta, W).

GIS Geodenergies : Reflet

Period: 2015 - 2019



Industries involved in deep geothermal energy are facing a need to define more accurately optimal drilling trajectories for accessing favourable temperature and flow rate while mitigating risks. In this context, REFLET is proposing a methodology for  building conceptual models of fault-related geothermal reservoirs in opening context such as in French regions of Alsace, Rhône-Alpes, and Auvergne.


Period: 2014 - 2018



The project NewOreS aims at: (1) developing new conceptual models of formation for W-Sn (Nb-Ta-Li) mineralisations, and ultimately (2)  proposing new exploration vectors. This project proposes a global approach of metal behaviour during the magmatic phase and subsequent hydrothermal events. NewOreS is based on the development of in-situ analyses, in particular for trace elements such as Nb and Ta in oxides and fluid inclusions.


Period: 2017-2019


Metasomatose and dynamic permeability: an experimental study of Panasqueira greisen

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66 documents

Article dans une revue

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Communication dans un congrès

  • Tourneur Enora, Alain Chauvet, Kalin Kouzmanov, Johann Tuduri, Stanislas Sizaret. Textural and mineralogical constraints on the mode of formation of the bou Azzer Co-Ni arsenide mineralization (Anti-Atlas, Morocco): Tectonic implications. 15th SGA biennial meeting “Life with Ore Deposits on Earth – LODE 19, Aug 2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom. ⟨hal-02413014⟩
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