Health and Safety

The assistants for safety and prevention (AP) assist and advise the director on the rules of health and safety at work, guided by the occupational health physician, the regional safety and security engineer (CNRS), and the health and safety engineer of the UO. They ensure the awareness of staff, especially newcomers, on the instructions and rules of safety, the rules of procedure, and the particular risks encountered in the unit, and they participate in their training. They are also in charge of fire safety and the evacuation procedures (with corresponding exercises) of the university and the CNRS buildings.

Marielle Hatton (Technician CNRS) : Office R012, ground floor university bldg,
Esteban Le Moing (AI CNRS) : Office 111, ground floor CNRS bldg ,

The competent person in radiation protection (PCR) ensures that equipment, processes, and organization of work are designed so that individual and collective occupational exposures to ionizing radiation are kept at minimum and safe levels. The person in charge monitors exposure protection participates in, and implements safety training for exposed workers.

Stéphane Scaillet (CR CNRS) : Argon Laboratory, patio of CNRS bldg,

The laser safety referent (RSL) performs the LASER risk assessment and defines and implements measures for the prevention and protection of exposed workers, including: isolation of experimental premises, job instructions, and advice on personal protective equipment. The referent participates in the identification of personnel likely to be concerned, ensures their risk awareness and ensures that medical monitoring is performed prior to validating their 'laser' authorization.

Aneta Slodczyk (IR CNRS) : Office 107, ground floor CNRS bldg,

First Aid Rescuers (SST) are volunteer agents who are trained in first aid procedures during initial training requiring retraining every two years. They intervene in the case of accident and discomfort while attending professional medical support.

University building:
-  Marielle Hatton   - 02 38 49 49 16
-  Olivier Gaudefroy - 02 38 49 70 13
-  Caroline Martel - 02 38 25 52 52

CNRS building:
-  Rémi Champallier - 02 38 49 46 16
-  Esteban Le Moing - 02 38 25 53 82
-  Frédéric Savoie - 02 38 49 46 79