Under the responsibility of the administrative manager, the common services staff provides support to the research groups and instrumental platforms, in a multitude of daily tasks, assuring the continuity of all services.

ISTO is supported by the OSUC services, housed in the university building, where a number of activities have been pooled: general service, computer service, scientific documentation. The coordination of all actions is ensured by ISTO and OSUC’s administrative managers.

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Marie-France Rouillier, Engineer at the CNRS, is the Administrative Manager (RA) of the laboratory. She ensures smooth service and receives people. Member of the managerial team, having full delegation of signature, her work gives the regulatory, legal and procedural basis, necessary for public action and commitment in respect to using government funds.

She ensures the operational management of the unit, its administrative animation, and its management of human resources including recruitment files of non-permanent CNRS and university agents with extremely diverse statuses. She is in charge of the agents intervening in her perimeter, with a role of coordinator of everyday workflow.

Office R002 -

A manager implements the institute’s research actions, ensuring financial and budgetary management of state support and research contracts, from signing of initial agreements to final reports justifying full expenditures.

Olivier Gaudefroy, Assistant Engineer at the CNRS, is the leader of the budget unit. Holder of an accounting-budget BTS, he has the main control of the CNRS credits under Geslab. His knowledge of administrative, financial and accounting procedures is comprehensive, his understanding of the constraints and emergencies faced by project managers profound. He provides invaluable advice and support to the project holders, securing budget planning and swift financial transactions.

Office R004 -

Numerous training programs are offered by the UO and the CNRS, with a diverse catalog of opportunities and diverse procedures. Both permanent and non-permanent staff is encouraged to life-long learning in seminars, workshops, and other forms of education and exchange.

Two correspondents announce offers for internships and other opportunities, and he also accompanis those who wish to benefit. As of May 1, 2019, this position is occupied by Claude Le Milbeau, IR2, Office R107, 1st floor university bldg, and by Marie-France Rouillier, IE, Office R 002, ground floor university bldg,

Information about ISTO is chiefly provided through this website. A multilingual presentation brochure (in English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Turkish) will be published soon.

ISTO contributes yearly to the ‘Fête de la Science’ and also actively participates in various public events (‘journées portes ouvertes’, for example).

Our communication correspondents are, as of December 1, 2017:

  •     Marie-France Rouillier: office R002, ground floor university bldg,
  •     Fabrice Gaillard, CNRS researcher: office 127, ground floor CNRS bldg,

This role is ensured by the pooled services of OSUC, itself supported by the ‘heritage and logistics’ department (SPL) of the regional delegation of CNRS and the ‘real estate and technical’ service (SIT) of the UO. This service manages keys and badges, building maintenance (household, interventions), planning, and site supervision.

Any requests or suggestions shall be addressed to Marie-France Rouillier, in charge of coordinating actions with Ms. Fabienne Gentillet, manager of the administrative services (RSA) of OSUC, or directly by email to: logistique.helpme@cnrs-orleans.fr.