Seminar Charles Le Losq

A new viscosity model helps exploring the properties of alien magma oceans


Magma chemical and physical properties are key to understand magma ocean dynamics, mantle formation and atmosphere generation. For instance, volatile elements solubility in silicate melts influence the magma ocean – atmosphere exchanges, while magma viscosity, density, heat capacity and liquidus will influence the dynamics and crystallization history of a magma ocean. As a result, precise predictive models of magma properties thus are cornerstone to develop our research regarding past and present magma oceans, for instance at the surface of « lava planets ». I will present here our research efforts to develop such models, based on a semi-physical approach that leverages existing experimental data and machine learning. Using a newly implemented model, we will explore how the conditions at the surface of the exoplanet 55 Cancri e may vary depending on surface conditions and magma ocean chemical composition.