Development of the SAXS/WAXS line

Equipment under development: SAXS/WAXS line

SAXS/WAXS line: ʺSmall-Angle-X-ray-Scattering ʺ, ʺWide-Angle-X-ray-Scatteringʺ.


The SAXS/WAXS line has been operational since May 2021. Ex situ and in situ high-temperature-high-pressure wide-angle scattering (WAXS) experiments using the transparent autoclave have already been performed and have initiated the operationalization of this technique in the laboratory. Ex situ small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) test experiments have also been conducted to determine the maximum distance between sample and detector that can be achieved with the current configuration. In the near future, a new sample holder with a 2-axis motor (horizontal in x and vertical in z) will be installed to facilitate the focusing of the incident beam on the sample for experiments conducted ex-situ (outside the autoclave). The movement of the transparent autoclave will also be automated by 2023.


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