Date de début : January 2020
Date de fin : December 2023

Numéro de contrat


Durée de projet

36 months


Centre-Val de Loire Region


197 k€

Coordinateur : A. Seron (BRGM)
Partenaires : ISTO, ICMN, AQUALTER, THALES, Société Anolaq


The objective of the SIME research project is to develop a composite material whose combined cationic and anionic trapping properties will allow the total abatement of metallic pollutants present in industrial effluents or even in water from wastewater treatment plants. The project aims, in the first place, at the optimization of materials developed, within the framework of previous projects by the laboratories of BRGM, ISTO and ICMN for their capacity to structure a composite material and/or to trap anionic or cationic pollutants. On the basis of this work, the formulation of a composite material will be defined. This material, beyond these capacities of controlled capture/release of the pollutants, will have to present mechanical properties adapted to its implementation. The reversibility of the capture processes will be sought in order to allow a regeneration, by electrochemical or even chemical way, of the adsorbent composite and a selective recovery of the metallic pollutants with a view to their valorization.