Numéro de contrat


Durée de projet

48 months




673 k€

Coordinateur : Mike HEAP (ITES, Strasbourg)
Partenaires : Marina ROSAS-CARBAJAL (IPGP, Paris) and Caroline MARTEL (ISTO, Orléans)


Flank collapse represents a significant volcanic hazard. Hydrothermal alteration is considered to promote volcano instability, but there are few data and models to robustly assess this hypothesis. MYGALE is a multidisciplinary and collaborative project that will combine laboratory measurements, geophysical and geochemical techniques, and modelling to assess the role of alteration on the stability of La Soufrière de Guadeloupe (France). Time-lapse field geophysical measurements will map the extent and evolution of alteration, experiments will provide physical property data for altered rocks and timescales of alteration, and large-scale 4D numerical modelling will assess the influence of alteration on volcano stability by combing the geophysical and upscaled laboratory data. Working closely with the volcano observatory in Guadeloupe, MYGALE aims at designing optimised monitoring networks to better mitigate volcanic hazards. The results of MYGALE will be applicable for hazardous volcanoes worldwide.