Date de début : 2019
Date de fin : 2023

Numéro de contrat
Durée de projet

48 months


Europe H2020


50 k€

Coordinateur : ANDRA
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ISTO is involved in a task of the workpackage (WP) CORI (Cement Organic Radionuclides Interactions) of the Eurad project. The CORI WP aims to develop a thorough understanding of the interaction of cementitious materials with ubiquitous organic matter and radionuclides. Organic matter is present in some nuclear wastes and as additives in cementitious materials and can potentially influence the performance of a geological disposal system, especially in the context of low and intermediate level waste disposal. The potential accelerating effect of organic molecules on radionuclide migration is related to the formation of complexes in solution with some radionuclides of interest (actinides and lanthanides) that can (i) increase radionuclide solubility and (ii) decrease radionuclide sorption. The objective of CORI is to quantify organic release issues that may accelerate radionuclide migration in the context of the post-closure phase of long-lived intermediate-level waste repositories.