Ph.D. Position in Geodynamics 2019

We are seeking a student with a master degree in Earth Sciences, with a strong background in tectonics and/or geochemistry, and willing to strengthen his/her expertise in these topics
during the Ph.D.. The candidate should be motivated by research work in the field and in the lab. He/she should be independent in his/her work and have a rigorous approach of scientific issues. Fluent english is necessary to publish his/her results in international publications.

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Origin and circulation of fluids in subduction zones


Hugues Raimbourg (ISTO), Catherine Lerouge (BRGM), Stéphane Scaillet (ISTO)


The understanding of the deformation mechanisms in subduction zones is of major interest in the field of Earth Sciences, due to the high seismic risks in these zones. The rheology of the
interface between tectonic plates is linked to the water present in the rock porosity, and to fluid pressure. However, pressure conditions of fluid at depth, timing of fluid circulations, and their scale remain not well constrained.

The aim of this project is to trace fluid circulations and fluid/rock interactions in subduction zones by studying veins that represent their record in fossil subduction zones. The sites of this study are the Kodiak archipelago in Alaska, the Shimanto Belt in Japan and the internal domains of the Alps.

The work includes two parts: 1) structural and micro-structural analysis of syn-kinematic veins on the field, a sampling of these veins, and 2) the analysis of the fluid trapped in fluid inclusions. The latter consist of a geochemical fluid study using ICP-MS laser (including Li-Cl-B) and the analytic development of in-situ measurement of Ar and rare gas.


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April, the 29th,  2019

Organisateur : ISTO