Laura Airaghi

Statut : Permanent, emploi : Enseignant-chercheur
Bâtiment : ISTE, bureau 109
Classe normale, Université d'Orléans

Email :
Téléphone : 02 38 49 46 56

Équipe : Géodynamique

I am a metamorphic petrologist mainly working on the dynamics orogenic wedges. I am particularly interested in the low grade metamorphic terrains and in the interplay between microstructures and the metamorphic record. I work at very different spatial scales, from the field scale to the nanometer scale. A part of my work is also devoted to petrochronology, which is how to link the ages obtained by various isotopic systems and from different major and accessory minerals to metamorphic stages.

Open PhD position:

Some of the current projects involves:

1) Effects of low grade metamorphic reaction on element mobility, metamorphic preservation and strain accommodation within the crystalline upper crust;

2) Petro-chronology of fluid-rock interaction events in basement units of orogens (central Pyrenees and Longmen Shan) and implication for basement activation during the construction of the orogen

3) Geological inheritance in the eastern border of the Tibetan plateau (Longmen Shan belt) and its effect on the present geodynamics.


·Field work

·Scanning electron microscope, Microprobe, µXRF: point analyses and X-ray mapping

·LA-ICPMS U-Th/Pb in-situ allanite, titanite, rutile dating and REE analyses

·U-Pb monazite dating by EPMA

·40Ar/39Ar in-situ white mica and biotite dating

·Conventional thermobarometry and thermodynamic modelling

·Raman Spectroscopy on Carbonaceous Material

·STXM at synchrotron and EELS at TEM (oxidation state of Fe)



Bourdelle, F., Lloret, E., Durand, C. & Airaghi, L. (2021). Evaluation of scanning transmission X-ray microscopy at the Mn L2,3-edges as a potential probe for manganese redox state in natural silicates. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 48:18.

Airaghi, L., Dubacq, B., Verlaguet, A., Bourdelle, F., Bellahsen, N., Gloter, A. (2020b). From static alteration to mylonitisation: a nano- to micrometric study of chloritization in granitoids with implications for equilibrium and percolation lenght scales. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 175, 108.

Airaghi, L., Bellahsen, N., Dubacq, B., Chew, D., Rosenberg, C, Janots, E. & Magnin, V. (2020a). Pre-orogenic upper crustal softening by lower greenschist facies metamorphic reactions in granites of the central Pyrenees. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 38(2), 183-204.

Bellahsen, N., Bayet, L., Denèle, Y. Waldner, M., Airaghi, L., Rosenberg, C., Dubacq, B., Mouthereau, F., Bernet, M., Pik, R. & Vacherat, A. (2019). Shortening of the axial zone, Pyrenees: shortening sequence, upper crustal mylonites and crustal strength. Tectonophysics, 766, 433-452.

Guillot, S., Goussin, F., Airaghi, L., Replumaz, A., De Sigoyer, J. & Cordier C. (2019). How and When did the Tibetan Plateu grow ? Russian Geology and Geophysics, 60(9), 957-977.

Airaghi, L., Janots, E., Lanari, P., de Sigoyer, J., Magnin, V. (in press). Allanite petrochronology in fresh and retrogressed garnet-biotite metapelites from the Longmen Shan (eastern Tibet), Journal of Petrology, 60(1), 151-176.

Airaghi, L., de Sigoyer, J., Guillot, S., Robert, A. Warren, C., Deldicque, D. (in press). The Mesozoic along-strike tectono-metamorphic segmentation of the Longmen Shan (eastern Tibetan plateau), Tectonics, 37(12), 4655-4678.

Airaghi, L. Warren, C.J., de Sigoyer, J., Lanari, P., Magning, V. Influence of dissolution/repricipatation reactions on metamorphic greenschist to amphibolite-facies mica 40Ar/39Ar ages in the Longmen Shan (eastern Tibet). Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 36(7), 933-958.

Lanari, P., Vho, A., Bovay, T., Airaghi, L., Centrella, S. (2017) Quantitative compositional mapping of mineral phases by electron probe microanalyser. In: Ferrero, S., Lanari, P., Goncalves, P., & Grosch, E.G. (eds), Metamorphic Geology: Microscale to Mountain Belts, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 478(1), 39-63.

Airaghi, L., Lanari, P., de Sigoyer, J., Guillot, S. (2017a) Microstructural vs compositional preservation and pseudomorphic replacement of muscovite in deformed metapelites from the Longmen Shan (Sichuan, China). Lithos, 282-283, 260-280.

Airaghi, L., de Sigoyer, J., Lanari, P., Guillot, S., Vidal, O., Monié, P., Sautter, B., Tan, X. (2017b). Total exhumation across the Beichuan fault in the Longmen Shan (eastern Tibetan plateau, China): constraints from petrology and thermobarometry. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 140, 108-121.


Other publicaitons

de Sigoyer, J., Guillot, S., Airaghi, L. (2017). Formation du plateau du Tibet : rôle de l’épaississement crustal anté-collision Inde-Asie. Géochronique, n. 144

Airaghi, L. (2017). A petro-chronological study of the Longmen Shan thrust belt (eastern Tibet): geological inheritance and implication for the present geodynamics. PhD thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France.

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