Hugues Raimbourg

Statut : Permanent, emploi : Enseignant-chercheur
Fonction : Responsable Grand Programme Géodynamique
Bâtiment : ISTE, bureau R 107
MC, Université d'Orléans

Email :
Téléphone : 02 38 49 47 89

Équipe : Géodynamique

I am originally a field geologist working about the dynamics of accretionary prisms and subduction zones. I am particularly interested in the deformation localization processes, both in the brittle and the ductile field. In the past few years, I have developed competences in deformation experiments, to complement the observations of naturally deformed rocks. Some of my work is also devoted to the nature and role of fluids for deformation. My playground is mostly the Shimanto Belt in Japan, but some of my recent work is devoted to the Alps.

Some of the research topics I focus on:

1) Dynamics of accretionary prisms: I try to constrain the geometry of paleo-fluid circulation and paleo-fluid pressure field from the analysis of veins (microstructures, cathodoluminescence, microthermometry and isotope study of fluid inclusions) from the Shimanto Belt in Japan. In parallel, I use field data to define a large-scale tectonic framework to account for the Shimanto accretionary prism evolution since Cretaceous time.

2) Rheological properties of the shallow (z<40km) domain of subduction zones: I try to constrain experimentally, with the Paterson rig, the mechanical behavior of subducted sediments from the seafloor to the updip limit of the seismogenic zone. I also focused, using the Griggs apparatus, on the mechanical properties around the downdip limit of the seismogenic zone. In particular, I study the micro-processes responsible for the water weakening of quartz.


-2014-present: Head of the group “Geodynamics” in ISTO

-2017-present: Coordinator of B.Sc. in Earth Science at University of Orléans

Ph.D. supervision

-Leslie Gadenne (2011-2015) : Mechanical properties and instability generation in the shallow (z<10km) domains of subduction zones : an experimental study

-Giulia Palazzin (2012-2015) : The brittle-ductile transition in subduction zones: experiments and observations from the Shimanto Belt in Japan

-Alexandre Beaudoin (2013-2017) : Strain localization during exhumation: the case study of the Tenda, Corsica

-Benoît Bévillard (2014-2017) : Dynamics of mylonitization: field constraints and numerical modelling

-Nicolas Mansard (2016-): Rheology of two-phased aggregates: an experimental study

-Lucille Nègre (2017-) : Water weakening of quartz


2012-2017: member of the team Rheolith, and ERC Senior Grant research project led by Laurent Jolivet about deformation localization in the lithosphere

2016-2017: PI of Hubert Curien Sakura project, associated with Yujin Kitamura from Kagoshima University, about the fluid flow and deformation of accretionary prisms



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