Fabrice Gaillard

Statut : Permanent, emploi : Chercheur
Fonction : Coordinateur Grand Programme Magma
Bâtiment : CNRS, bureau 127

Email : fabrice.gaillard@cnrs-orleans.fr
Téléphone : 02 38 25 53 88

Équipe : Magma
Autre équipe : Métallogénie

I am director of research at CNRS, 46 year-old, and identified as planetary scientist working on magmatic processes. In terms of expertise, I am an experimentalist, specialized in high-pressure high-temperature methods, with a consolidated background in chemical thermodynamics. My research activities tackle volatile species and magmatic systems on Earth and elsewhere: how it impacts on deep geophysics via mantle/crust melting and how it affects surficial geochemistry via volcanic degassing

Page personnelle : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fabrice_Gaillard