Caroline Martel


Adresse e-mail
Fonction Directrice Adjointe ISTO
Téléphone 02 38 25 52 52
Bâtiment ISTE, bureau R 005
Statut Permanent, emploi Chercheur
Grand Programme Magma
Service Direction

A propos...

Research field
My research aims at understanding the controlling factors of the dynamics of volcanic eruptions of silica-rich magmas that commonly switch from very explosive Plinian eruptions to dome-forming eruptions (and related destabilizations into more or less violent pyroclastic flows and surges). The objective is clearly a better assessment of volcanic hazard. For a given volcanic system, it requires a combined study of magma degassing and crystallization from reservoir (pre-eruptive conditions) to surface emplacement (syn-eruptive conditions). The approach consists of experimental simulations of magma ascent at pressure and temperature, and under dynamic conditions (decompression or deformation).

Main topics
1) Magma storage conditions (Montagne Pelée_Martinique, Martel et al., 1998, 1999; Dominica, Solaro et al. in prep.; Merapi_Indonesia, Erdmann et al., 2016; Widiyantoro et al., 2018; Cotopaxi_Ecuador, Martel et al., 2018; Tungurahua_Ecuador, Andujar et al., 2017; Chaîne des Puys_Massif Central, Martel et al., 2013; Pavin_Massif Central, Rondet et al., subm).
2) Magma degassing and crystallization during ascent/decompression using natural samples (Montagne Pelée, Martel, 2012; Soufriere Hills_Montserrat, Martel and Schmidt, 2003) or analogue compositions (Martel and Bureau, 2001; Gondé et al., 2011 ; Mollard et al., 2012 ; Martel and Iacono-Marziano, 2015).
3) Permeability development in deforming (shearing) magmas (Kushnir et al., 2017; Daffos, PhD in progress).

Main responsabilities in Research management
2017-present : Deputy Director of ISTO.
2017-present : Member of the IPGP scientific committee (for ‘Natural Hazards’).
2016-present : Member of the CNRS National committee, section 18.
2014-présent : Member of the INSU_Service National d’Observation Volcanologique (SNOV).
2014-présent: Member of the Scientific committee of Vulcania, Auvergne.
2012-2016 : Head of the INSU Thematic committee_ALEA ‘Hazard, risk, and natural disasters’.
2009-2017 : Head of ISTO scientific team ‘MAGMA - Physico-chemical properties and Dynamics of magmas’.

Main fundings 2019-2022: Part of the ANR_Blanc 'V-CARE' - Development and testing of new indicators for anticipating the onset of volcanic eruptions.
2013-2017 : Part of the ANR_Blanc ‘DOMERAPI - Intrusive and extrusive magmatic processes at Merapi’.
2012-2020: Part of the EQUIPEX ‘PLANEX - Simulation and in-situ analyses in extreme conditions’.
2011-2015: Part of the European project FP7 “VUELCO - Volcanic Unrest in Europe and Latin America’.
2006-2009 : PI of ANR_Thématique ‘EXPLANT - Lava dome explosivity’.
2004-2007 : co-PI of ACI _Jeune Chercheur ‘Rheological properties of andesitic domes’.
2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 : PI or participant of INSU_Actions incitatives.