Webinar of Tannaz Pak

Tannaz Pak (School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies, Teesside Univ., UK) will give a webinar on her latest research on the Use of Nanoparticles (non-reactive or reactive) to Impact Flow and Entrapment of Fluids in Porous Media – A Pore-scale Discussion


In this talk I will discuss two studies in which we have investigated the use of nanoparticles in recovery or in-situ degradation of trapped non-wetting fluids from porous media. The application of these works is mainly remediation of contaminated groundwater and enhanced oil recovery. Our experiments were conducted at pore-scale using X-ray computed micro-tomography (micro-CT) technique. These 4D (time-resolved, 3D) experiments provide new insights at pore-scale which inform the design of more effective processes at field-scale.  I will show how you can access all the data behind these studies as we have made them available to the public.