Seminar by Saideep Pavuluri

Date : 28 avril 2022 - 10 h 30 / 12 h 00

Catégories : Séminaires, Seminars

Room: E001

Saideep Pavuluri (ISTO, porous media group) will give a hybrid seminar on: Updates on the porousMedia4Foam reactive transport package

porousMedia4Foam is a new reactive transport package in the market which is open-source, offers multiple choises in terms of the models that describe the evolution of porous media, reactive mineral and fluid properties. porousMedia4Foam is built on skeletal framework of OpenFOAM to solve for the flow and is coupled with PHREEQC to solve for the geochemistry. For single phase reactive systems, the package has been benchmarked against state-of-the-art reactive transport cases and has shown promising outlook to investigate complex hydro-geochemical resulting in the formation of wormholes. porousMedia4Foam can model reactive transport processes occurring at multiple scales i.e. at the pore-scale, Darcy-scale and the hybrid-scale.

Currently, the package is being extended to investiagte multiphase flows for geothermal environments. The complexities in such systems involve effects of fluid compressibility, phase changes that occur due to the thermo-physical charecteristics of the transport medium in addition to ongoing hydro-geochemical interactions. The challenges while coupling the packages to model multiphase reactive flows along with the solutions that have been investigated will be discussed.