Ongoing PhD

Some exemples of ongoing theses :

Name PhD thesis Team
Benjamin Moris-Muttoni Reorganization of carbonaceous materials during geological burial and deformation: experiments and natural examples Geodynamics
Camille Daffos Explosive-effusive transition from volcanic eruptions: experimental study of the syn-eruptive development of the permeability of crystal-rich magmas Magma
Fengfeng Zhang Biogeochemistry of iron and associated contaminants (As, Cr, Cd) in environments submitted to changing redox conditions Continental biogeosystems
Jonas Biren Study of the radiative properties of dry and crystal-rich magmas Magma
Myriam Agnel Kinetics and mechanisms of anion exchange processes in nanocrystalline green rusts Porous media
Yosra Achour Assessment of the mobility of heavy metals and metalloids in carbonated soils contaminated by mining waste Continental biogeosystems
Bernardou Fabien Solubilités et spéciations de l'azote et du soufre en condition magmatique Magma
Faranda Carmela Federica PExperimental study of bromine and iodine behavior during magma crustal storage and its final transfer to the surface Magma

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