Doctoral school EMSTU

ISTO belongs to the Doctoral School (ED) 552 of Energy, Materials, Earth and Universe Sciences (EMSTU).

The scientific life of this ED is established around thirteen laboratories located in Orléans, Tours, Bourges and Blois. Those laboratories are working in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Material Sciences and Engineering, and Earth and Universe Sciences. The ED guides PhD candidates through their thesis, the course inscriptions and validation, and defence and post-defence processes. It also coordinates the distribution of scholarships and the audition of candidates. One member of ISTO is participating to the works of the ED steering committee.

PhD students of the ED 552 work on crucial scientific questions such as the role of fluids in the production of natural resources (mineral, energy, water, atmosphere), the use of the subsoil for CO2 storage or energy storage, the environmental impact of fluids and the associated risks, the study of industrial fluids involved in combustion processes, in particular the coupling between kinetics and fluid dynamics in internal combustion engines, gas turbines, gasification techniques, space propulsion means, chemical explosions and associated industrial risks.

Examples of running thesis at ISTO can be found in the table Ongoing thesis.

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