Bachelor and Master

Together with the Université d'Orléans and OSUC, two training programs are proposed to students :

Their strengths :

  • ○ Courses given by researchers from the University but also researchers from CNRS, engineers, technicians, etc. ;
  • ○ Regular lessons from researchers from BRGM, INRA and  private companies ;
    •      ► Contributions from different sectors and improvement of group dynamics!
  • ○ Various teaching:
    • • Necessary theoretical knowledge in Earth Sciences and other appropriate fields,
    • • Naturalistic observations for the technical (cartography, petrology, mineralogy, etc.) and practical aspects (at least one field school per year from the second year of bachelor),
    • • Technical education with the use of laboratory equipments available on site,
    • • Contribution of computers in Earth Sciences (various codes used in geosciences, modeling, GIS, etc.).
    •     ► Multidisciplinary perspectives: students are free to choose their way!
    •     ► Comitted towards developping culture, curiosity, autonomy, critical thinking for each student!
  • ○ From the second year of bachelor, small number of students per class.
    •     ► A personalised follow-up!
  • ○ Various internships during their study, in the academic and private sector.
    •     ► A great network from each researcher to help each student.