Tom Bultreys seminar

Tom Bultreys (Ghent University) will give in the amphitheater (E018) a hybrid seminar on: Multi-scale and dynamic micro-CT-based imaging of flow in porous media

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X-ray micro-CT is an important technique to characterize porous materials and the behavior of fluids in them in three dimensions and at micrometer-scale resolutions. However, a number of important challenges have remained, notably studying pore-scale dynamic processes in rocks and image-based modelling of flows in multi-scale pore spaces. To address these issues, I will first show how new fast laboratory-based micro-CT techniques can be used to study the dynamics of fluid-fluid interfaces in-situ and link this to local wettability characterization. Second, I will present how multi-scale models of multiphase flow can be informed and validated by new advances in subresolution imaging.