Armin Mozhdehei

Statut : Non permanent, emploi : Doctorant
Bâtiment : ISTE, bureau R125
Doctorant Etudiant, Université d'Orléans

Email :
Téléphone : 02 38 49 46 60

Équipe : Milieu poreux
Plateforme : Expérimentation


Research Interests

·         Application of microfluidic pore models for flow, transport, and reaction in geological porous media.

·        Delineating the thermodynamic role of interface through working with Synthetic Fluid Inclusion.

·        Investigating the Pore-size Controlled Solubility (PCS) and Dissolution-Recrystallization Mechanism near Interface.

·        Applied Spectroscopic Methods.

·         CO2 Sequestration.


Ph.D.               University of Orleans, Orleans, France         

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Institut des Sciences de la Terre d'Orléans (ISTO), Orleans, France.

Ph.D. Candidate in Geochemistry  (October 2019 – October 2022 (Expected))

Thesis Title:

Evaluation of Interface Role on Water-Rock Interaction

Supervisor: Lionel Mercury 

M.Sc.             University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran   

           Institute of Petroleum Engineering, College of Engineering, Tehran, Iran.

                        M.Sc. in Reservoir Engineering (September 2016 - January 2019)

Thesis Title:

In-Situ Heavy Oil Upgrading by Switchable Solvent as an Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

Supervisor: Alireza BahramianNegahdar Hosseinpour 

B.Sc.              Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering        (September 2011 – September 2015)

Teaching Experience

           Advanced Well Test, Teacher Assistant, University of Tehran (Dr. Rostami)


Submitted Paper

Dr. Mohammad Reza Rasaei, Mr. Armin Mozhdehei, Mr. Sobhan Hatami, Mr. Afshin Tatar, Mr. Mohammad Amani

“Efficient Estimation of Solubility of Solid Solute in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide,” Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Elsevier.

Published Paper

Mr. Armin Mozhdehei, Dr. Negahdar Hosseinpour, Dr. Alireza Bahramian

“Dimethylcyclohexylamine Switchable Solvent Interactions with Asphaltenes towards Viscosity Reduction and In-Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oils,” ACS journal, Energy and Fuels.



·        Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint (ICDL certificate)


·        Matlab

           Petroleum Industrial

·        Schlumberger Eclipse | Reservoir Simulation Software (with certificate)

·        Petrel (Static & RE) (with certificate)

·        Reservoir fluid properties matching

·        Computer Modelling Group Ltd. | Reservoir Simulation Software

·        Ecrin (Kappa) | Well Test Data Analysis Software


                  Spectroscopic methods

·        Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

·        Raman spectroscopy

                    Microthermometry and geochemistry of fluid inclusions

·        Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry

                      Static and Dynamic IFT

·        PAT (Profile AnalysisTensiometry)

·        Wilhelmy Plate Methode

·        Du Du Noüy ring method

Flooding Test

·        Microfluidic Pore Model  

Professional Experiences:

Working experience at the Industrial branch of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) as the Well Test section technical supervisor. (December 2016 - April 2018)

Executive manager: Behnam Sedaee Sola

Language Skills:

Persian           Native

English          (Fluent)          (TOEFL IBT test: 96 of 120)

French            (intermediate (B1))