Seminar Sophie Marbach

Sophie Marbach (Sorbonne Université, PHENIX Lab) will present her research on Fluctuations in Nanopores.

Jan 05


Fluctuations are ubiquitous in bio and artificial nanopores: they affect ion transport through ion channels on the cell membrane barrier, particle transport inside nano-porous media, and water transport through nanoporous membranes for filtration.

Fluctuations have dramatic consequences on transport that are subtle and highly intricate. Most of the time, they are seen as a negative feature that impedes for example signal measurements. Yet, biological pores such as ion channels are still able to achieve complex tasks in spite of fluctuations.

To investigate the riddle of fluctuations in nanoporous transport, here we explore 2 situations where noise plays a critical role. First, we will inspect how surface fluctuations of the pore impact transport within the pore. Second, how fluctuations in the particle number within the pore affect signal measurements.

These results could open new avenues in artificial designs, where fluctuations are harnessed to improve transport and sensing.

The noise generating the fluctuations in nanoporous transport is like a devil waving his whips