Seminar Shane Rooyakkers (on Zoom)

Date : 17 mai 2022 - 10 h 30 / 11 h 30

Catégories : Agenda, Séminaires

The Origin and Dynamics of Rhyolitic Magmatism at Krafla Volcano (Iceland)

Shane Rooyakkers (GNS Science, New Zealand)

Krafla volcano captured global attention in 2009, when a geothermal drilling operation accidentally intercepted a rhyolitic magma body at just 2.1 km depth. This encounter was surprising given the dominance of basaltic magma at Krafla and the deeper levels at which magma bodies had been imaged in geophysical surveys. Where did this magma come from? How long has it been there? What risks does it pose to nearby communities and geothermal ventures? Previous rhyolitic magmas erupted at Krafla offer context for understanding its modern magmatic system. Shane Rooyakkers, a postdoctoral fellow at GNS Science in New Zealand, will present an overview of the ~200 kyr history of rhyolitic volcanism at Krafla based on petrologic and field-based studies. New insights on the processes of rhyolite magma genesis, storage and eruption triggering at Krafla and the history of its active shallow magma body have important implications for present-day monitoring efforts, and also offer lessons for volcanologists and deep geothermal ventures to consider in other magmatic systems.

Organisateur : ISTO