Seminar Diego Baragaño

Date : 28 avril 2022 - 15 h 00 / 15 h 30

Catégories : Agenda, GP Biogéosystèmes, Séminaires

Diego Baragaño, PhD

Department of Mining Methods and Prospection

Campus of Mieres - University of Oviedo

A holistic view of the potential of zero valent iron nanoparticles for soil remediation

Zero valent iron nanoparticles (nZVI) attract high interest given their effectiveness for soil remediation by reducing metals and metalloids mobility due to high surface area and reactivity. However, the potential toxicity impacts of the nZVI on plant physiology, microbial communities, or soil properties are still scarce, and the field conditions or long-term monitorization remain unknown. Furthermore, the immobilization mechanisms and the nZVI transformation into Fe-oxyhydroxides in the soils are not well described in the scientific literature. In this sense, researchers from University of Oviedo have explored the nZVI application for soil remediation through several projects implemented at mining and industrial sites at pilot scale, focusing not only on metal(loid)s immobilization, but also on comprehensive soil restoration. To this end, changes in soil properties, plants and microorganisms were monitored in the short- and long-term after the application of nZVI, alone or in combination with organic amendments (such as sludge compost, biochar, hydrochar, among others). This seminar presents the new advances in soil nanoremediation obtained from these works, with emphasis on an exhaustive study deciphering the immobilization of arsenic and mercury over six years after the first application of nZVI in soils under field conditions. Impressions from mining and industrial companies and public administration will also be presented.

Room E018,  ISTE building

Organisateur : ISTO

Adresse : 1a Rue de la Ferollerie, Orléans, France