Seminar Veronika Veselská – Jan Filip

Date : 28 avril 2022 - 14 h 00 / 14 h 30

Catégories : Agenda, GP Biogéosystèmes, Séminaires

Veronika Veselská, Researcher at Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute,  Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Jan Filip, Head of the group Environmental nanotechnologies, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Material, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Advanced nanoparticles: from development to application

With the modification of the currently used (nano)particles and the design of completely new (nano)materials, researchers from the Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute of Palacký University Olomouc aim to extend application potential of the nanomaterials for the environmental remediation and catalysis. Development of iron-based species (e.g., zero-valent iron, nanocomposites with biochar) is targeted at water purification via removing toxic substances, or for the investigation of ecotoxicity of metal-based nanoparticles. Indeed, removal of organic contaminants is of primary interest because of their increasing discharge through various wastewaters, industrial waste streams, or landfill leachates due to significant advancement in the field of medicine and cosmetics. The process of developing effective and advanced nanomaterials require growing of new application procedures and monitoring of their on-site effect and fate. This workshop presents introduction and discussion on the most recent progress in nanomaterials development and their roles in new or enhanced nanotechnologies and biotechnologies. An outlook on the successful projects in the field of environmentally friendly utilization of various nanoparticles for water and soil treatment and some prospects for their future role in research, technology and innovation policy dialogue with industry will be also highlighted.

Room E018,  ISTE building

Organisateur : ISTO

Adresse : 1a Rue de la Ferollerie, Orléans, France