Development of New models for the genesis of Rare Metal (W, Nb, Ta, Li) Ore deposits from the European Variscan Belt and valorization of low grade and fine grained ore and mine tailings

Date de début : 01/01/2015

Date de fin : 31/12/2018

№ de contrat

ANR 14-EMIN-0001-002

Durée du projet

48 mois




115 k€

Coordinateur : Michel CATHELINEAU (Géoressources, Nancy)

Partenaires : Université de Lorraine, Université d'Orléans, Université de Porto, Université de Lisbonne, LNEG Lisbonne, Panasqueira Mine


The activities aim at improving our understanding of mechanisms of concentration and deposition of rare metals (W, Sn, Nb, Ta, Li) in granite-related deposits of the European Variscan Belt. The essential part of the activities concentrates on two targets from Central Portugal, Argemela and Panasqueira, where work is performed in close collaboration with the Porto team. A less important part of activities, performed mostly for comparative purposes, concerns Beauvoir and Montebras (French Massif Central). Argemela is a representative example of a rare-metal granite and Panasqueira is a world-class W deposit. The Argemela granite is a natural laboratory to study enrichments in Sn, Nb, Ta, P, Li but also W during magmatic processes, and also the transfer of metals and fluids from crystallizing granites to country rocks. The Panasqueira deposit offers a unique opportunity to study the hydrodynamics of fluid circulation, metal transport, deposition and alteration in and around a granitic pluton.